Lagar da Cachada

In the year 2000, Ricardo Abal Padín's winery was founded, backed by the Regulatory Council of Rías Baixas. A family business located in the Salnés valley, specifically in Vilariño, that began its journey producing just 5000 litres of Albariño wine. At the beginning, the grapes came from the lots belonging to the owner of the winery, which has a total surface of about two hectares of land. But as the years went on, and the needs of the market grew, the winery had to purchase said product and seek out various suppliers/winegrowers, with the winery now producing close to 50,000 litres. The labels on the winery's bottles feature the drawing of a dragon, symbolizing unity and family workmanship. For several years, this winery has bet on the wine tourism industry, and has grown year after year, thanks to effort and collaboration with travel agencies and hotels. When visiting, you'll discover the entire wine making process, finishing with a wine tasting and selection of high quality Galician preserves.


Lugar da Bouciña 24. 36636 Vilariño- Cambados, 36636, Cambados


For visits, please make an appointment.



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