Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz

Discover the area… The manor is a beautiful example of neoclassical, manorly, Galician architecture, dating to the 18th century. The property features romantic elements, stone fountains, arbours, gardens, statues and sun dials. It also features two crucifixes, the most noteworthy of which is situated close to the house, and two granaries (a large stone granary from the 18th century which is over 15 metres long and another stone and wooden granary from the 19th century, located over a pond and accessed by a double stone staircase of the period), a 16th century chapel, a baptismal font from the end of the 12th century, a castellated pigeon coop and wash house that evoke romanticism without forgoing its Galician character. The manor has a winery where albariño wine from the estate is produced, sold under the label Quinteiro da Cruz, Rías Baixas D.O, and which features an arcade with stone columns in which we'll find an old firewood oven ("lareira"), winepress and rudimentary farm tools (catalogued in the European historical patrimony of winemaking and the historic-artistic patrimony of Galicia). Today, the property has magnificent facilities with unbeatable surroundings, which are perfect for organizing weddings, meetings, congresses, etc. A walk through the garden... The gardens have an area designed at the end of the 19th century by French lanscape gardener called Dorgambide, as well as an area created more recently, in the years 1975-1980, by Victoriano Piñeiro Acosta, who was in charge of restoring the existing flora in-line with historical tradition. He added a magnificent collection of camellias and other plants imported from different parts of the world.The gardens of Quinteiro da Cruz are of botanical interest and very ornamental, where a variety of species grow, both native and foreign, introduced with lanscape architecture criteria over the years. In the gardens, surrounded by albariño vineyards and native forests, hundreds of species grow (many tropical and exotic), although the jewel of the garden is the camellia. About 5000 specimens of over 1,500 varieties of camellia - the true protagonists of the garden - bloom at Quinteiro da Cruz. These include Camellia Assimilis, Camellia Caudata, Camellia Cuspidata, Camellia Fluviatilis, Camellia Nitidísima, Camellia Granthamiana, Camellia Sasanqua, Camellia Sinensis, the most noteworthy of which are the Camellia Japonica, Camellia Reticulata and the Fig Camellia which won the estate the prize of Camellia de Oro in the International Contest-Exhibition of Camelia on various occasions. Also noteworthy is the small cultivation of Camellia Sinensis, for the production of tea. Interesting spots: 1. Historic site: house, granaries, crucifixes, chapel, wash room and pigeon coop. 2. Arcade and ethnographic heritage of farming tools. 3. Underwood. 4. Hedge and labyrinth of camellias. 5. Barroque fountain route. 6. Oak trees. 7. Wineries and vineyards. Discover all the possibilities offered by the Ruta do Viño Rías Baixas: wineries and distilleries, restaurants, lodging and other leisure activities.    


Lugar de A Cruz, 36635, Lois - Ribadumia
Tel:(+34) 619 110 806


Visits every day with prior reservation.


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