Muller Labrega Museum

The museum has a ground floor, plus two more. Its interior houses a library and depository, two exhibit halls, a conference room, toilets and an office. On one of its façades, the vertical corners are finished with cylindrical formations, and there are also large balconies. It features a large doorway with an eye-catching crest in the centre. This museum remembers the importance of the role of the woman in rural Galicia, in diverse areas including family life, the household economy, social settings (both public and private), the Galician countryside and her important role in Galician folklore. It is, without a doubt, a tribute to the essential function of the woman throughout Galician history, without overlooking the woman's education, advancement and protection both culturally and socially. Even today, the woman has one of the most important jobs in the fields that is vital in the economic development of Galicia. The tools that helped in the day-to-day tasks, what life and work on the field was like; these are a few of the curiosities you'll discover in this museum.


As Cobas, 4, 36968, Meaño
Tel:+34 986 747 102 Fax:+34 986 747 391


Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00. Other times with prior reservation only.