Molinos del río Armenteira

In Meis, religious architecture stands out (Churches, the Monastery of Armenteira, Cruises). However, popular architecture is also present and the Mills of the Armenteira are a clear example.

The simplicity of its constructive lines and the quality of the materials used, call the attention of anyone who stops to contemplate them.

The Mill of A House is part of the Interpretation Centers of the Galaico-Portuguese Cultural Tourism Network, and its surroundings are converted in one of the favorite places of the visitors.

The Mill of the House, is located on the banks of the Armenteira River, taking advantage of the force of the current of water and consists of a small construction, of square and granite masonry.

Nestled in a natural landscape of great interest to the visitor, it is part of a set of numerous mills along a walk of several kilometers, following the route taken by the River Arm Enteira.

Recovered and conditioned recently, we will know the operation of a mill, as well as each of the parts that form it. The Mill of'A Casa' illustrates to us how was the activity of grinding in the past.

There were two possibilities in terms of the operation of a mill. If it was owned by several owners, the exploitation was done in shifts and each of them had the right to a grinding shift; if there was a landowner, he would charge them a part of the grain that they took to grind (exploitation by maquila).

Keep the historical memory around the forms of life and crafts of the past, as well as of the myths and legends is the objective of this Interpretation Center.

Location: Meis City Council


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