Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz

The gardens of Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz have an area designed at the end of the 19th century by the gardener and landscaper of French origin Dorgambide and an area of ​​more recent creation, in the years 1975-1980, by Victoriano Piñeiro Acosta, who undertook to restore the existing flora in accordance with the historical tradition, and to which he added the magnificent collection of camellias and other plants imported from different parts of the world. The gardens of Quinteiro da Cruz are of a high botanical and ornamental interest, where they grow many species, both native and foreign, introduced with a landscape and ornamental criteria over the years.

In the gardens , surrounded by vineyards of Albariño and native forest, hundreds of species grow (many tropical and exotic), although the queen of the garden is the camellia. The camellias, the true protagonists of the garden, in Quinteiro da Cruz, flourish some 5,000 specimens of more than 1,500 varieties of different species, such as Camellia assimilis, Camellia caudata, Camellia cuspidata, Camellia fluviatilis, Camellia nitidísima, Camellia granthamiana, Camellia sasanqua, Camellia sinensis , highlighting especially the species of Camellia japonica, Camellia reticulata and Camellia fig with which they have won the Golden Camellia Award in the Camelia International Exposition Competition on several occasions, also deserves mention the small plantation of Camellia sinensis, for the elaboration of tea.

Points of interest

1.Historic site: house, granaries, cruises, chapel, laundry and loft

2.Alpendre and ethnographic set of farming implements


4. Camelias hedge and maze

5. Baroque fountain route


7. Wineries and vineyards


A Cruz 12, Lois, 36635, Ribadumia
Tel:+34 619 110 806


Visits every day by appointment.