Casa Pazos

Overlooking the Miño valley, in front of the portuguese Serra da Peneda nearby, its views are filled with vineyards in all shades of green, with the largest river in Galicia making its way, almost unnoticed, to the nearby sea. The constantly changing skies, moving with the wind, don't leave any place for monotony in such a unique and charming landscape. In its interior, sober and comfortable, the ambience is designed for rest and serenity. Its seven rooms, with everything you might need if you decide not to leave them, are the best place for finding peace and quiet. The owners are kind, familial and attentive, taking care of all the details that help make your stay unforgettable. And to add to all this, we must not forget the traditional kitchen, incorporating the same elements that made the Galician cuisine so famous: good produce, slow fires and mother's love. Its specialities? Free-range roasted chicken, goat from San Fins, lamprea (when in season) - prepared up to seven different ways - all a reflection of the inequivocable vocation to enjoying the best of life, without forgetting the magnificent wines of the area, both white and red, from the Rías Baixas D.O. At Casa Pazos, sounds walk hand in hand with silence, tranquility becomes inseparable company and rest is included in the price. Your only "obligation" is the desire to return.


Pazos 11, Barcela, 36435, As Neves
Tel:+34 986 665 986 / 616 016 301 Fax:+34 986 665 986


Open from the 1st of January to the 30th of September.


  • Cafeteria
  • Car parking onsite
  • Garden area
  • Rooms with private bathroom
  • Signage on the road
  • Television
  • Terrace


  • Event organisation
  • Lodging services
  • Pay with credit card